Sunday, November 7, 2021

Book Review - The Retreat by Elisabeth de Mariaffi


Maeve Martin needs a new start and she arrives to the High Water Center for the Arts with the intention of starting her own dance company. The lodge is a beautiful retreat that is nestled between the Rocky Mountains. She is a mother of two and a retired performer who is trying to piece back together her life after her violent marriage. She is happy to rediscover herself as this is the first time she is on her own in years. Maeve feels that she can forget about her past by being surrounded by the beautiful landscape.

As Maeve starts practicing her routine, an avalanche traps her and six other guest in the lodge. They have lost all connection with the nearby town including power and the only road into town. At first, everyone tries to get along and pass the time. However, as the storm rages on, tensions start to run high indoors. They feel that help is coming and they just need to hold on.

Then a tragedy occurs and one guest perishes and then another shortly follows. Maeve must come to terms about how little she knows the people she is stuck with it. Will she be able to survive the storm if the darkness is already near her?

 At first the book started off interesting and then it became a boring hot mess. The book lagged and barely had any story and the ending felt like it was unrealistic and rushed. The motive behind the murders seemed trivial at best. I felt like the ending left more questions than it gave any answers. This was a disappointing read for me and I am in no rush to read other books by the author.

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