Sunday, January 29, 2023

January 2023 Empties!


Wow, it's been some time since I posted an empties post...almost a whole year later ;)  I had a bit of free time on my hand I been trying to finish up some stuff. Some weeks, I do manage to finish stuff but, other weeks I get lazy and don't do anything but scroll on Instagram.

I stopped buying facial sheets unless I see a really good sale because as great as they make my skin feel, I just never feel like doing them. When I was on break during the holidays I tried using a few from my stash and while they left my skin hydrated and soft, none was really noteworthy enough to re-purchase. Plus, I find that I get the same results from layering and moisturizing more throughout the day. Perhaps, when I get out of my lazy phase I might start using them again but, it's to be seen.

I love the idea of shower steamers but, they can be a hassle because I have to really plan ahead. I used to unwrap and use the steamers while I was taking a hot shower. Now, I let the hot water run for a few minutes until my bathroom gets all hot and steamy and then I drop a steamer under the water. I find the scent to be more noticeable. I bought Dew.Well and Popchose from Amazon and I had the best results from these brands than other ones I have tried from Amazon. The scents were really fragrant and could be smelled from outside of the box. I actually been using two of the shower steamers from Popchose as air freshner as it smells so good.

I have shopped at Bath and Body Works for many years and I was so excited when I noticed they make bar soaps in some of their favorite or maybe best selling scents. I bought the Eucalyptus Spearmint and Butterfly scents. The bars smelled great and were true to their scents. The bars were a bit smaller than I was expecting or maybe it's I seem to go through them quicker than my other bars of soap. The soap is very creamy and it's not drying. However, I still had to follow up with lotion. They are a bit steep at $8.50 a bar but, that's on par with how much I pay with other triple milled or goat milk soap bars. The great thing about BBW is that they always have tons of sales though!

Is there anything you got this new year that you are excited to try?

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