Saturday, October 24, 2015

Book Review - Deadlock by DiAnn Mills

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A recent string of murders have left the city of Houston wondering if its the work of a serial killer or copycats. The unlikely FBI agents Thatcher Graves and Bethany Sanchez team up to help solve the mystery. Thatcher being the more "trust my gut" agent while Bethany is more rules and analytical type. Can the two work together especially since Thatcher has put Bethany's brother in prison?

The fast pace thriller leaves readers wondering, can the two put their differences aside to figure out the murders as they two clearly are not the most suited of partners.  As they continue working together, one thing they cannot deny is the fact that they are attracted to each other. Would their feelings and different styles of investigating make them stronger? 

The tale that has a colorful cast of characters, it leaves the readers wondering who would be the next victim or if they are the mastermind behind the killings. My only qualm is that with Thatcher, Bethany seems a bit weak with her emotions and unable to control them. She comes off as the ice queen but with others she drips emotion as a needy child. However, Thatcher has no real character growth other than falling in love with Bethany.

The book is high on drama and adrenaline with interwoven elements of romance and faith. An interesting tale on how they are all interwoven together. A must read for any DiAnn Mills fan with a highly unexpected ending. 

*Disclosure - I received a copy of this book for my honest opinion*

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