Friday, October 23, 2015

Sumbody BathMelt - Milky Rich

The cute bath melt comes in 4 sections which allows you to use as little or much as your heart desires. Personally, I didn’t find this bath bomb intoxicating (promised scents of vanilla and fresh citrus, I sniffed neither) and it was rather meh sniffing to me. The silky bath melt is packed with Pacific sea salt, cocoa butter, goat milk, and  sodium bicarbonate. The bath was a bit slippery because of the oil blends, so please be careful. My skin was silky smooth (I used all four squares) but I noticed the bath melt didn’t melt completely and kind of morphed into a little ball and stayed in the bath with me. It was kind of weird looking. Overall, for around $6 I am in no rush to try this again.

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