Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Book Review - Detective Strongoak and the Case of the Dead Elf by Terry Newman

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Private detective Nicely Strongoak goes about his day until he is asked to investigate the case of a missing surfer. The case seeming easy enough turns into a whirlwind of mystery and murder.  The book which is a mishmash between LOTR, mystery noir, humor and thriller takes readers to a fantasy world filled with colorful characters. 

While, investigating the missing surfer, Perry Goodfellow, is thrown into a chaotic world filled with murder, death, fire, drugs, magic and goblins. He awakens after one of his investigations next to a murdered elf with Nicely's weapon engraved into his skull. With death knocking on every door, Nicely must navigate the sticky world of politics while making sure he's not next.

The mysterious thriller is tinged with jokes and wildly creative characters that takes the reader for a wild ride.  It is a quick read but can be a bit wordy at times. A great read for anyone who likes fantasy books or who has a soft spot for private eye dwarfs!

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