Saturday, January 16, 2016

KocoStar 5 Finger Nail Pack Nail Therapy Multivitamin Nail Treatment

I tend to do my nails at home and I try to take the best care of them as possible. However, somehow or the other my nails end up raggedly. I have used Julep’s nail treatment  before so I was excited to give these a try. The nail treatments are enriched with botanicals and vitamins to protect and prevent against splitting and peeling. Each pack has ten little nail mask to slip over each finger. The recommended wait time is 30 minutes to one hour. The mask was easy to apply but I had trouble with keeping them on though. After, removing each mask there was leftover treatment on my nails. After massaging them in, my skin was soft and my nails were slightly shiny. However, the benefits didn’t keep and next week I found myself having to redo the treatment. This treatment is perfect for maintenance instead of the solve all solution.

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