Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Book Review - The Magician of Auschwitz by Kathy Kacer

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A heartwarming tale of a little boy who was all alone in a terrifying situation and wanting a friend. Werner Reich was sent to Auschwitz and separated from his mother and older sister. Without a friend in the concentration camp, he felt alone.  One day, he ends up meeting a gentleman named Herr Levin or The Great Nivelli. Levin treats Werner like friend in the lonely world and was also a father figure. He teaches Werner magic tricks and gives him guidance, support, and to help keep his mind off their dire circumstances. The book is a short read and includes a biography of both Werner and Levin. A true masterpiece and help shine light on the brighter side of humanity during the darker times.

**Disclosure - I received a copy of an uncorrected ebook for my honest opinion --- this had no impact on my review and feedback**

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