Wednesday, January 6, 2016

RosaPacific 19 Real Neck PT Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle

As the trend for face and sheet masks continue, it only make sense to have a mask for the neck region. As one of the many, I usually apply lotion and take diligent care of my face but forget to show the same love to my neck. Which is probably the reason why fine lines and wrinkles on the neck is the one of the first precursor of aging. I came across this mask, which I believe came in one of my MemeBox purchases and I thought I should take the time to show my neck some love.  The bio cellulose mask is made with fermented coconut juice. Coconut juice is known for its high absorptive powers and hydrating (and quite tasty!) Like many face masks, it comes with two protective layers and it can be applied to the neck region for around 30 minutes. I tried applying the mask standing up but it kept falling off. I found it easier to apply the mask and lie down (although, it was still a bit slippery). There was a slight cooling sensation and it does leave skin with a sticky film. You can wash off the extra serum or rub it in. I just rubbed mines in hopes to get rid of my neck lines (it didn’t). Unlike, facial masks  -- the whitening and anti-aging effect isn’t apparent after one use. However, my neck did feel softer, smoother and was well hydrated. I am not sure if I would get this product again but I might try another neck mask in the future.

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