Saturday, May 19, 2018

Book Review - The High Season by by Judy Blundell

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Ruthie Beamish has the house of her dreams. Even if she can't afford it. No matter what happens, she knows she will always have her house. To be able to afford the home that she shares with her daughter, they rent out the house during the peak season: the summer.  As Ruthie and Jem begin packing up their belongings for their annual exodus, the ritzy Hamptons crowd arrive. The beautiful socialite, Adeline Clay arrives with her gorgeous step-son and manages to turn Ruthie's life upside down. Little by little, Adeline starts to infiltrate all aspects of Ruthie's life including her family and her friends. When her job as a museum curator is threatened, Ruthie feels her entire life is crumbling around her. Will Ruthie be able to fight back? Will Ruthie be able to regain her old life?

I originally picked this novel because I read a few reviews calling it a "must read". I thought it was going to be the perfect beach reach for the coming Summer.  However, I felt disappointed as the book was underwhelming. Ruthie's great revenge plot seemed to be laughable at best and in the end, she ended up hurting the ones who cared about her the most. There was a lot going on in the story  but it didn't add much to the plot. The book was a bit over 400 pages and I felt that it was longer than it needed to be. I was drawn to the first few pages but felt my interest waning towards the middle of the book. I can see this being an enjoyable cozy beach read for some but it wasn't for me.

**Disclosure - I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion**

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