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Book Review - The Simple Soul of Susan by Noel Branham + Giveaway

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Susan Combs lives the simple life. She doesn't want to leave her small town. She prefers staying at home to take care of her sick father. Susan is also in love with the boy next door. However, Calder Hurtz has big aspirations and dreams. He wants more than the simple life. When Susan accidentally hears a conservation between Calder and another boy, and her life is changed forever.

The summary of the book was interesting but I had a hard time getting into the book. I found the story a bit slow. I also had a bit of trouble understanding some of Susan's personality.  I didn't like that Susan actually had an inheritance but kind of used the Hurtzez' generosity. I also found her to be stubborn and expected people to help her. For example, she wanted Calder to help with her ailing father but he doesn't get a say on anything. She also likes Calder but when he showed her that he liked her, she started crying and made him apologize. And when he finally told her straight out, she said she couldn't trust him while she has been keeping secrets herself. Personally speaking, I didn't really like Susan and I felt like that made me enjoy the book a little less.

**Disclosure - I received a free copy in  exchange for an honest opinion**

About the Book

Title: The Simple Soul of Susan
Author: Noel Branham
Genre: Romance, YA, Coming-of-Age, Contemporary
Release Date: October 11, 2017
Susan Combs had long ago found the love of her life. The only problem was the other party still didn’t know he had been found. Every day Susan saw Calder Hurtz, her next door neighbor and childhood best friend. They always enjoyed the short drive to school down the dusty streets of their small Texas town. She was happy in those perfect moments, for her life at home was most imperfect. The challenging homestead she inhabited was also the favorite subject of local gossip. But one autumn day she overhears Calder and another boy having a conversation. This occasion of accidental audience sets Susan’s life on an unforeseen path. In the seasons to come, her future will be changed by two hospitalizations, two confessions of love, and one betrayal. Compulsively readable, The Simple Soul of Susan is an engaging, soul-endearing romance and a mesmerizing debut.

About the Author

Noel Branham 

Born and raised in a small Texas town, Noel Branham started her career in digital communications after graduating with a degree in English. An award-winning communicator, she now writes from her residence in Florida about things closest to the heart: home, family, and love.


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  1. Thank you for being part of the book tour for "The Simple Soul of Susan" by Noel Branham book tour.

    I'd love the opportunity to read the book which is on my TBR list.
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  2. Congrats on the tour and I appreciate the book description and the great giveaway as well. Love the tours, I get to find books and share with my sisters and now my twin daughters who all love to read. We have found some amazing books for everyone. So, thank you!

  3. The cover is beautiful. Reminds of a Monet painting. Thanks 4 sharing this book with me.