Thursday, April 23, 2020

Book Review - The Safe Place by Anna Downes

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In a span of one day, Emily Proudman's life is a terrible mess. She lost her acting agent, her apartment and her job. Scott Denny is a successful CEO and he has a problem that he can't fix on his own. His business prowess or his vast wealth isn't able to help him until he meets Emily.

Scott offers a job as his housekeeper and a companion for his wife, Nina on his remote, paradise French estate. Emily is immediately taken with Nina and her young daughter, Aurelia.  Emily finally feels like her life is where she wants it. However, soon Emily realizes Scott and Nina are keeping a deadly secret and if she doesn't play along things won't end well for her.

Being stuck in my apartment for what seems like days on end, I couldn't wait to dive into this thriller. The writing style was easy to read and fluid. However, as I kept reading I felt like the plot was predictable and it took the writer forever to get there. I found myself losing patience once, the predictable secret was exposed. I also didn't care for any of the characters and thought the whole situation was rather silly in the end. Perhaps at face value, the plot might sound promising but, once you delve deeper, it kinds of seems meaningless in some ways. The author did show how far someone would go to protect the people they love. I was expecting more from this book and disappointed it didn't deliver.

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