Saturday, April 18, 2020

Book Review - The Super Life of Ben Braver by Marcus Emerson

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Ben Braver was enjoying his day like another kid. Except for today, he had a craving for a peanut butter cup and had none left. He decided to go to the store and get some. On his way back home, he answers a call for help.

After Ben tries to help a stranger, he ends up getting an offer that will forever change his life. He receives an invitation to join a secret school for children with special abilities.  Ben doesn't have a special power but, this is the chance he's been waiting for. Will Ben be able to become the superhero he always dreamed of becoming?

I thought this was a fun and cute read. The book was packed with adventure and thrills along with humor sprinkled through. I enjoyed reading the adventures of Ben and his classmates. This book is the perfect start of the series and young readers won't be able to stop reading it.

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