Saturday, May 9, 2020

BioBelle Botanic Fiber Face Mask #Decadence

Facial sheet masks are a mainstay in my weekly routine. I used to use one Sundays before work but, I, unfortunately, bought so much over the years that, I have enough to use one every single day for the next five years and still have some leftovers. And now, I have quite comfortable using facial sheet masks more often. I haven't quite mastered using it every day but, usually at least three times a week.

I have used quite a few brands of sheet masks over different price points and noticed just because a mask is sometimes priced higher doesn't always mean it is good. BioBelle masks are one of those rare unicorns where they are under $5 and you notice results after the first use. I was actually drawn to this mask because I have a huge sweet tooth. The sweet-scented mask is enriched with chocolate and acai berry extracts. This mask really does seem decadent and was a treat to use. My face was left hydrated and revitalized. This is one of my favorite brands of sheet masks and I always reach for it if I know I have a special event coming up.

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