Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Book Review - A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight

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Lizzie Kitsakis is working late when she gets a call from an old friend. Lizzie knows long grueling hours are standard at elite law firms like where she is working, but she has her reasons for wanting to stay late. Until recently, she was working as a federal prosecutor which was her dream job. She had everything she wanted. She had her dream job and her devoted husband, Sam. That was until everything started to fall apart. Maybe the cracks in her life were already there but, Lizzie has been in denial for so long, she doesn't even know what's true anymore.

Lizzie barely keeps afloat with her marital problems and managing her new job.  The last thing she needs is another distraction. She receives a call from Zach Grayson, an old friend who is an inmate at Rikers. He is desperate for her help. His wife, Amanda has been found dead at the bottom of their stairs in their home. Zach is the primary suspect in her murder and he needs all the help he can get. As Lizzie begins to investigate, she realizes everyone is protecting their secrets and nothing is what it seems. Will Lizzie be able to help solve Amanda's murder? Will she be able to save her marriage?

The book is a fast-paced thriller with a few twists. A few of the twists are a bit predictable with enough clues to help you piece it together. The author leaves you wondering, what exactly constitutes a good marriage? We read about several different couples and their different dynamics. I devoured this novel in a few days and it was enjoyable to read. If you are a fan of crime thrillers or courtroom dramas, you will appreciate this book. I can't wait for more books by the author!

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