Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bonvivant Botanical Mask Pack Madecassoside + Mugwort

Bonvivant is MemeBox's inhouse brand before they started only making beauty products. I used to love shopping on their page to get curated boxes at great prices. I wish they went back to their old sales model of also selling other brands too.

I bought this mask during one of their many promotions for $2. Since it's an affordable mask, I use it quite often in my everyday mask rotation. The mask is enriched with madecassoside, mulberry, fig, pomegranate, ginkgo nut, mugwort extracts to enrich, soothe, and revitalize stressed skin. The mask fit my face well and was comfortable to wear. My skin was left hydrated and soothe the blemishes I had on my cheek.

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