Sunday, June 14, 2020

Book Review - The Half Sister by Sandie Jones

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Kate and Lauren are sisters who were never really close. They meet for lunch every Sunday at their parents' home. Since, their father passing, their family gathering never really felt the same. However, their lives get turned upside down one day when there is a knock at their door. A young woman named, Jess tells Kate and Lauren that she is their half-sister. She even has the DNA test to prove it. As Kate starts digging into Jess's story, she realizes that they are all hiding secrets.

I have all of the author's novels and have enjoyed them. However, I am stuck between liking this novel and it being "meh". Towards the end of the novel, it seems like one of the characters just breaks and spirals out of control when she seems to have planned things out. The novel was a quick and thrilling read but, I didn't find myself really connecting to any of the characters. The majority of the book was predictable but, it was an entertaining read.

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