Tuesday, June 16, 2020

June 2020 Haul

I realize I have a habit of mass buying things when I like it. I go through phases where I would buy all the niche nail polish, different lipsticks, tons of Lush products, and my latest addiction - sheet mask. I definitely have a tendency of stocking piling things before I can even finish using them. Thankfully now that majority of us are home all day, I made a promise to myself that I can still shop but, I have to use up my stuff more. I have been trying to use at least 25 sheet masks a month. I am giving myself some leeway for days where all I want to do is sleep or don't want to move. So far, last month I managed to finish around 37 sheet masks! I am definitely proud of myself. 

I decided to replenish my stock from Facetory since I am "running low". Facetory is becoming my new "Memebox". Memebox has its own private labels such as I Dew Care, Nooni, and Kaja.  I have tried a few masks from both Memebox's  I Dew Care and Facetory and found them both to be affordable and work well. I am also excited to try the seaweed mask (the last line on the bottom) and the 3 steps masks from Wonjin Effect. Thankfully, since I been remaining indoors and doing a lot of self-care my skin hasn't been acting up too much but, usually during the season changes my skin likes to revolt. 

Check back in a few weeks and let's see what I finished! Also, please let me know your thoughts on the new format. I  must say I really do miss writing reviews at times but, other times it was really a big-time suck.....and now I get more time to just play with all the things I bought. (Also, I think if you are new to Facetory, existing users can send you a discount for your first purchase. Hit me up if you need that! I have tons of points from my recent haul to spare)

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