Thursday, December 10, 2020

Book Review - House on Endless Waters by Emuna Elon



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Yoel Blum is a well-known author. He makes a trip to Amsterdam to promote his book, even though he made a promise to his late mother to never return to his birthplace. During his book tour, Yoel decides to visit the Jewish Historical Museum with his wife. Together they find an old film portraying a younger version of his beloved mother along with his father, his older sister, and an infant he doesn't recognize.

 Yoel is unsettled by this discovery and decides to search for the truth. He discovers some of Amsterdam's dark wartime history. He learns about the underground networks that hid Jewish children along with the people who betrayed their own for survival. As he digs deeper in the past, he realizes the reason for his mother's silence but, he starts to question his own existence.

I thought the book had an interesting premise and I also liked the book cover. I found the writing hard to follow at times and I had to reread the same paragraphs over and over. The book progresses slowly and I found it to be quite boring. I lost interest in the book during the halfway mark.


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