Monday, December 21, 2020

Book Review - You Let Me In by Camilla Bruce


Cassandra Tipp is an infamous and eccentric bestselling novelist. She is known for her vivid imagination.  She is a famous recluse and one day she is gone but, leaves behind a final manuscript.

Everyone in town remembers the events that lead to her infamous trial. She has been acquitted with the insanity defense. Her husband died mysteriously and has never been solved. A few years later, her brother and father died in a murder-suicide.  

In her final manuscript, Cassandra details her life history. She details what happened in the happens and what she believes happened to her husband. However, her story comes with a price.

This novel is an epic waste of time. It took forever to get anywhere and the author filled the book with useless details. I read more than half of the novel but, just lost interest in it. I feel like there was nothing really keeping me tethered to the book and to read more. I tossed this book to the side and started reading something that I actually cared to read.

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