Monday, November 30, 2020

Book Review - Rules for Being Dead by Kim Powers


In the late 1960s in McKinney, Texas ten-year-old Clarke and his brother, Corey escapes to the local theaters to watch movies. They use the movies as a way to fuel their dreams and cope with the recent death of their mother. The boys lose their beloved mother. but, no one will them how she died. And no one has told their mother, Creola, how she died either. She is floating around trapped between life and death. She spends her days watching her family and trying to figure out her final moments. Clarke decides that he will figure out the truth behind his mother's death. Will be able to cope with the truth?

I had hard a time getting into this book because the font size and spacing was so tiny! I felt like a grandmother trying to read this book and I had to read it in small bursts. However, I thought it was an entertaining but, a sad read. The author did a good job illustrating grief and flawed characters. The book was narrated in alternating points of view which allowed readers a glimpse into each character.  The author took portions of his life story as inspiration for this book. I wish there was a section in the book explaining which parts were true to life and which were fabricated. I found myself thinking about it throughout the novel.  

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