Saturday, February 27, 2021

Book Review - Sea Rose Lane (Hope Harbor, #2) by Irene Hannon



Attorney Eric Nash returns home after being layoff. When he arrives to his childhood home, he realizes his home is being turned into a bed and breakfast. Instead of being able to plot his new future course, he has to contend with the noise and chaos from the construction along with the alluring architect, BJ Stevens. He finds himself drawn to BJ but, he knows he can't have a relationship with her if he will be leaving town for a new job.

BJ feels attracted to Eric but, she is afraid of committing because of her own disastrous romance in the past. She rather focus on getting her new business new customers and working on her special projects. However, when one of BJ's projects needs help, Eric steps in to assist. Will the pair be able to ignore the feelings they have for each other?

I found the novel to be an okay read. I like that there wasn't too many back and forth between the characters and their feelings. I liked that they were open and honest with each other about how they felt. Their romance was definitely a slow burn and took a while before they confronted their feelings. Fans of the author would enjoy the book.

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