Friday, July 29, 2022

Book Review - Seven Days in June by Tia Williams


Eva Mercy is a single mother and bestselling writer who is feeling stressed across all avenues of her life. Shane Hall is a reclusive award winning novelist who decides to show up in New York one day.

Eva and Shane meet unexpectedly at a literary event causing sparks to fly and raises the curiosity of the Black literati. What most people don't know is that fifteen years earlier, teenagers Eva and Shane spent one week madly in love with each other. As adults, they pretend not to know each other but, they can't deny that they have chemistry and are drawn to each other. They also use each other as inspiration for their characters in their books for years.

One week in June, Eva and Shane reconnect their steamy romance again. Eva  is wary of Shane because he broke her heart and she wants to him out of her life but, not before she gets a few things out of her system. 

The book was an entertaining read and had the makings of an epic love story. The bond that Eva and Shane had were made during turbulent times but, also strengthened during trying times. I didn't like that when they broke up the one time because Shane had an emergency. I feel like why didn't he call her when he realized that he had made mistake. He realized that he needs her in his life but, is afraid to communicate how he made a mistake during a horrible tragedy. I feel like this a common writing ploy where the author makes a character not forthcoming about admitting their mistakes when it happens but,  waits until last minute to try and make a "grand gesture".

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