Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Book Review - Bleed Them Dry by Eliot Rahal


In the year 3333, the Earth is still recovering from being taken over by immortal vampires. Humans and vampires cohabit peaceful among each other until someone is murdering vampires. Harper Halloway is a detective who is in charge of finding the killer.

While Harper investigates the murders, she stumbles on a dark secret and she starts to question everything she believes in. She crosses paths with a ninja vampire hunter, Toyo, who is on a mission to save Earth from the vampires. Will Harper and the vampire hunter be able to work together to find the truth behind the vampires?

The graphic novel was an entertaining read filled with gore and action. However, I felt that the story was underdeveloped. The story hinted that there might be two murderers but, they never went anywhere with that nor did they ever explain the motives of the vampire hunter's antagonist.  I am also not sure who the bad guy is or which character I am supposed to be rooting for. If I was reading the graphic novel for just the action and graphics, this was a solid graphic novel. If you are looking for a graphic novel with a story line, I would look somewhere else.

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