Friday, February 10, 2023

Book Review - Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks


Beverly and her six year old son, Tommie, flee their home during the middle of the night. Beverly is determined to start a new life after leaving her abusive husband behind. She has to be on guard in case, her husband finds her and takes them back home. Beverly becomes on edge when Tommie insists that he is hearing someone call his name and when a mysterious truck keeps parking in her driveway, Beverly will need to act quick if she is planning to escape again.

Colby Mills gave up his career as a musician to run his family's small farm in North Carolina. He decides to take a working vacation and head to St. Pete Beach, Florida to play at a local bar. While playing at the bar, he crosses paths with Morgan Lee and he finds himself falling for her.

Morgan is from an affluent family of doctors from Chicago. She graduated from a prestigious music program and wants to head to Nashville and break into the industry. When she meets Colby, she finds herself falling for him. However, is she willing to give up her dream to be with him?

This was my first time reading a book by the author. I can see why people enjoy his writing but, this book wasn't for me. The book moved so slowly and the surprise ending was predictable. The book dragged on forever until the ending where everything is tied up nicely. I did enjoy reading Beverly's story line but, felt that Colby's and Morgan's was boring. I don't think I will be in a rush to read any of his other books after reading this dud.

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