Saturday, February 18, 2023

February 2023 Empties!


I can't believe January has already come and passed. I feel like the year has blown away so quickly.  I did manage to finish a few things this month. I was hoping to finish a few more things but, I am proud that I made progress. I also feel like its a good thing about keeping track of things I have used will help me to realize what I need to use more of and what I have tons of. For example, I have really dry skin and I only finished one bottle of body lotion. For someone who has dry and itchy skin, I should have finished more than one bottle.

I finished three bars of soap which is surprising because I haven't really been leaving the house lately and have been limiting my showering to once a day. The two new soaps I did try were nice and creamy and had a pleasant scents. They were Sunaroma in Eucaltypus  and Sylan Art Cedar Citrus soap. They both had pleasant scents and were creamy. Both brands were new to me and I would get them again.

I finished a few serums that I enjoyed using. The Lancome Renergie H.C.E Serum was amazing. I mean the serum cost a pretty penny but after a few nights of consistent use I saw a visible change in the texture of my skin. It was kind of cool that the serum was made of up three different types of serum.  The Herbivore Nova Brightening Serum had a pretty minimalist packaging. It had a strong turmeric scent and it was very creamy and hydrating. My skin felt so soft and I felt that my skin looked brighter. The only thing I didn't like is that there was some product left on the bottom of the bottle that I couldn't get out. I tried putting the container upside but some was still stuck.

The Han Skin Refining Serum was a bit interesting. It had no noticeable scent. I wasn't sure if there was supposed to be an exfoliating serum or hydrating serum. According to the instruction it has some mild exfoliating action and it leaves skin hydrated. I felt that it barely made a difference to my skin. My skin didn't really feel different after using the product consistently at night. I upped my product usage to twice a day and still didn't notice anything.

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