Saturday, February 4, 2023

Book Review - Gauntlet (Arena, #2) by Holly Jennings



There is a secretive new virtual reality game that promises to challenge gamers. The game will not only bring together the best players but, it promises unimaginable fame and wealth. The new virtual game learns and adapts each time the gamer makes a move and it pushes the gamers to their limits.

Kali Ling is the first female captain and the younger team owner. She is used to defying the odds and taking on challenges head on. As the competition progress, Kali finds her confidence and determination wavering especially, faced with scandals and pressure from the media and her sponsors.  Kali finds that if she and her teammates are to survive the game, they will need to put everything on the line.

This book is the second book in the series but, it could be read as a standalone. I enjoyed the first book in the series but, didn't really care so much for this book. I felt that the plot kind of dragged in some points and then was rushed in other place while, most of the action happened towards the end of the book. I thought there was going to be another book to continue on the series with how the book ended but, it seems that the series is completed. I felt that the book had too much going with too many plots and too much filler especially, with Kali's lack of ability to manage her responsibilities, and not enough action.

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