Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beauty Tip: Epsom Salt

While combing through last month’s beauty magazines, I came across an interesting article. They list 3 uses for Epsom salt. Apart from the regular old uses, such as laxative or for a nice soak, they listed using Epsom salt as a body scrub. As a fan of body scrubs, I couldn’t wait to try it. The recipe to making the body scrub was actually quite easy. Using a bit of your favorite body wash [I used St. Ives] and mix Epsom salt to create the body scrub, using as much or as little of each ingredient as you desire.  Unable to contain my excitement, I hastily mixed the concoction in the bathtub while showering, creating a liquid mess. Try mixing the ingredients beforehand, so you can make the mixture more liquify [more body wash] or a rougher texture [more Epsom salt]. I prefer a more rough texture so I can get a good scrub down.  My homemade body scrub left my skin smooth, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with the results. Perhaps, I am too spoiled with having smooth, soft and hydrated skin after using a body scrub. While I would not use it as a replacement to my current body scrub, I would supplement it with my current body scrub.

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