Sunday, January 15, 2012

Zoe and Zac Sweet Papaya lip butter

Photo Credit: Zoe and Zac Naturals

While trying to outrun Mother Nature’s sudden downpour, I ran into the nearest store I could find. Luckily, Payless now carry a beauty line [Yay! Entertainment! ].  I decided to buy the Zoe and Zac sweet papaya lip butter, because it was on sale for $3 dollars and I didn’t want any more dirty looks from the cashiers. [Like they've never run into a store to get out of the rain] The lip butter was greasy and the little moisture it does provide vanishes in 15 minutes.   I can’t really complain because it is a $3 lip butter at Payless, it not like I expected top quality makeup. Next time, I will just buy some stockings or an accessory.

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