Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pop Beauty Glitter Must Have

Let me just say this: I LOVE GLITTER!! When I came across this set, I just had to get it. While it was a good concept, I was quite disappointed. For $15 you get an array of 12 colors, with mediocre quality like art craft glitter. The containers were very tiny. They were a bit smaller than my pinky. The glitter is loose which means you need something else to bind it [lotion, primer] to the skin otherwise it will get messy. But it can also be a good thing, because you can use the glitter for various uses, such as your hair, body, and/or face. Since there is no sifter and the applicator is very poorly designed, if the tube is not carefully handled, the whole contents of the tube can end up on the floor [talking from experience:(]. While the colors are nice, I think I'd rather skip this set next time and buy the loose glitter for beauty supplier like Ulta or Sally Beauty which has the same quality but a bigger size for less money.