Sunday, January 15, 2012

LaRocca Champagne and Shimmer Acai Sugar Polish

Photo Source: LaRocca Skincare

This luxe champagne body polish has promise but doesn’t quite live up to it. The sweet smelling polish is packed with acai, raw sugar, shea butter, champagne grapes and 24k colloidal gold. The scrub has poor lather and it took a bit of work to work the scrub into my skin. The scrub did make my skin smooth and hydrated but only after thoroughly having to work it in. I also noticed that I felt a slight tingle while applying the scrub and a bit of tingle after washing the scrub away. It feels like my body was covered in peppermint oil which was very uncomfortable to deal with during a freezing night in December. Skip this overpriced scrub and stick with a tried and true favorite.

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