Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Glamour November 2012

Yup, I am way behind on my subscriptions that I just finished reading this. The worst part is this is not even my oldest issue. I am pretty sure I have couple from 2011 somewhere in my reading pile. Well, since most of the fashion pieces are a bit outdated I guess I can just list some cool tips or at least stuff I thought was cool.

How to find a perfect sweater for your shape -
“1. If you’ve got curves - tuck strategically or try asymmetry.
2. If you’re bigger below - bring the focus up top with color and cut.
3. If you’re long and lean - you can do a thick knit sweater”.

Here are some hair  tips from Lauren Conrad -
“1. Take prenatal vitamins to promote hair growth - they may not be scientifically proven to make hair grow faster.
2. Use metal - free elastic to fight breakage.
3. And stick with clear shampoo. Does your hair tend to get oily? Conrad has found that shampoo that creamy or pearlescent generally contain more conditioners, which you do not need on your scalp.”

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