Monday, May 20, 2013

YonKa Masque No 1 Time Release Intense Moisture

Photo Source - Dermstore

During the winter my skin gets really dry and I read some really good reviews about this product. I bite the $60 [plus taxes and shipping] bullet and ordered it. I was a bit intimidated by the 3 foot multilanguage pamphlet. Truth be told halfway in, I gave up reading and I just decided to use it nightly. The interesting thing about this product is it could be used as a weekly treatment, used in combination with other products or as a daily use [thin layer for 2 to 3 weeks] depending on your skin’s needs. So far, I have been using it nightly and I am really impressed by the results. My skin was smoother, softer, hydrated throughout the day, and dewy looking. I keep getting compliments how great my skin looks and people asking how old I am. People thought I was 18 years old at the most and they could not believe I was 25 years old [wait, a true lady never reveals her age, I am 21!]. I believe I stumbled upon the fountain of youth. The creamy masque has a sweet botanical scent, which makes it so relaxing to apply. The masque is formulated with rose, jasmine, shiu, jojoba and sandalwood which not only has a nice scent but is good for your skin.

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