Friday, May 10, 2013

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint SPF 20 in Bronze

Photo Credit - Jouer Cosmetics

After my friend kept telling me how great this tinted moisturizer is. I decided to give it a whirl.  The creamy tint is packed with ginseng and gingko biloba leaf extracts.  I applied it to my face after cleansing and it left a soft glow. I didn’t notice any coverage or evening out my many imperfections such as my dark spots [and acne scars] or wrinkles. I like this tint because it makes my skin soft, smooth and glowy and as a added benefit it provides sun protection. This moisture tint is good for people with sensitive skin because  it is oil free, hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Overall, I will save this moisturizer on special occasions when I need to feel extra glow.

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