Friday, May 10, 2013

Love with Food curated by Andrew Zimmern, April 2013

This was my first box for my three month subscription with this company. My first box I was abit disappointed. I am more of a snacker and less of a person who cooks [mostly because I keep cutting my fingers and getting burned by hot oil]. Anyways, I am not sure if I will be continuing this subscription.

Original Cocomel from JJ’s Sweet - This a  sweet mixture of coconut and caramel. They were absolutely delicious.

Sea Salt Cocomel from JJ’s Sweet -These were my favorite. I wish there was more than 1 piece of this. It was like the original but had a hint of sea salt.

Organic Fennel Pollen from Pollen Ranch - The little pouch this came in ended up smelling the whole box like it. It was actually quite pleasant. I never used it something like this before and I am not sure if I would. So, I just left in the spice cabinet in case one day I feel like experimenting.

Creamy Buffalo Rand Dip from Buff Lo Dip  - We don’t really use dip in my house, but this did smell delicious. I think I might just leave it around but it will probably end up in the trash. 

Smoky Chili & Lime from The Good Bean - I had really high hopes for this. When I was younger, there was this restaurant that would make a chickpea snack [similar to this] mixed with pepper, salt, garlic or anything else you wanted. It was  crunchy and super tasty. I love eating this and eat them by the truckload. My mom tried teaching me how to make it, so I would stop spending all my money on it. But it just wasn’t the same. When I first opened the packet, the smoky chili scented wafted through the air. The chickpeas were crunchy and had strong lime taste with a little kick of spice at the end. They are okay, not my favorite as I am not much of a lime fan.

Salty Pepper Nuggets from Somersault Snacks - These were quite tasty and crunchy. They reminded me a bit of an everything bagel but had quite a spicy kick.  Overall, this was my favorite and I will definately keep an eye out for these in the store. 

Air Popped Sorghum Grain - Itty Bitty Butter from Mini Pops - Baby popcorn! This the popcorn you give to little babies! Just kidding, I think its a choking hazard. They taste exactly like popcorn except didn’t have a heavy artificial butter taste. I didn’t actually taste any butter on the popcorn. I guess they were not lying when they called it “itty bitty”. I was surprised when I opened the bag that it was a full bag for only 100 calories. My favorite part about this it doesn’t have those pieces of kernel or whatever it is called doesn’t get stuck in my teeth and gums. If you are a huge popcorn fan, you should definitely give this a try.

Lemony Lover Olives - Oloves - I am not a fan of olives so I gave my mom these as she loves olives. I did ate one of them, they had a mild lemon and garlic taste. The olives was not as chewy and rubbery like most of the olives. They were not as bad as I thought they would be. I also liked how they packaged the olives ready to eat, with no liquid and  pits.

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