Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Good Housekeeping April 2013

Here is a cool tip -
“Sit down on the floor any way you’d like, using as little support as possible from your hands, knees, etc. Then rise. Done? Now you’ll really want to be sitting: This simple test can help predict a shortened life span. In a new Brazilian  study, researchers found that participants who’d used the most body parts were 5.4 times more likely to die within the next six years than those able to sit and rise using just their own strength or one body part. Get moving: boosting fitness now can help lead to a longer future”. In all honesty, I didn’t do this because I can’t sit down or get up without any assistance and I rather live in denial.

How to wear patterned pants for you body type -
“1. Small busy - horizontal stripes = oomph. Chunky extras balance the graphic prints.
2. Petite - Go for bold: A close - cut cardigan in “ka-pow” yellow and an outsize tote get you noticed.
3. Big Tummy - The peplum’s flare minimizes your middle. Nude stilettos make legs look long and lean.
4. Wide Hips - A flowy cardigan drapes and disguises. Ethnic earrings draw attention upward.”

“Break these fashion rules -
1. You can’t wear navy with black - Surprise: This duo is a win-win when the blue hue isn’t too dark. It should be obvious that your mix is 100% intentional. Pick solids over prints for a sophisticated partnership. Navy and black look best with a hint of brightness.
2. You should never mix patterns -  To make sure a multi-print ensemble looks chic, not clashy, keep everything in the same palette. One mega pattern at a  time is plenty, so calm down oversize florals with understated dots. The secret to these wearable combos: one print is bold, the other subdued and colors don’t compete.
3. If you’re big, hide it with loose clothes - Body skimming styles beat roomier ones at hiding pounds.
4. Always match your shoes to your purse - Fabric oxfords and cognac hued satchel prove that pulled together doesn’t have to mean matchy-matchy --- the pumps echo the guy style lines and the linens of the blazer, while the doctor’s bag riffs on the menswear influences.
5. Horizontal stripes make you look wider - the thin bands and low contrast colors can prove surprisingly slenderizing. “

Pick up the issue for decorating, fashion, cooking tips and exclusive diet by Dr. Oz.

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