Sunday, September 15, 2013

BA Star Chocolate Star Dust and Body Shimmer Base

The glue goes on white and tacky but dries clear

The glue with a bit of the shimmer

The shimmer on my bare skin

The texture of my skin was a bit rough but when you rub it in goes smooth and soft

The shimmer on top of the base. The shimmer was soft and easy to bend.

The color with a hint of flash.
BA Star offered to send me a sample of their Chocolate Star Dust and Body Shimmer Base, I was super excited to try it. BA Star supplies makeup to performers, dancers and cheerleaders. I figured that their makeup has to stay put and last all day given how vigorous their lifestyle is.  When I first got the chocolate star dust, I thought it was eye shadow but it turns out it is  body shimmer, mostly because the of the base that BA Star supplied. The body shimmer base was white and look a bit like Elmer's glue but it is not sticky and very easy to clean  without leaving a residue. The star dust has a bit of a coarse texture but when you rub it in, it becomes smooth and soft.  While, I don't use body shimmers anymore, I think I might use the star dust as eyeshadow or use it during Halloween. 

For anyone interested in trying any BA Star products, use code "BBDUST" for 50% off. The code expires on September 30th, 2013, so hop to it :)

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