Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brazilian Peel

Photo Credit - Sephora

The idea of getting professional results from a peel at home is a blessing for those with a limited budget and time on their hands. The peel is formulated with glycolic acid, the patented Q-Mag Neutralizer and Acai. The product promises to tone, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, blemish, correct uneven skin tone, and improve complexion. To apply the peel, open the lock and squeeze the two syringes into your palm and mixed the two peels together. All was going well, until the white serum wasn’t mixing very well.  It’s consistency was like that of glue and it in turn very difficult to mix with the clear gel. In the end, I gave up and applied the whole thing to my face while the white serum was in solid form.  The messy concoction ending up burning so badly that I had washed it off 2 minutes later. My face felt tight and still burned even after washing off everything.  I don’t think I had it on long enough to notice anything but I like to believe my skin looks a bit more radiant after living through the burning sensation.

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