Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goodies Company Kid’s Box – September 2013 Box 1

Nesquik Strawberry Cookies by Nesquik - These were okay, not my favorite of the two flavors. But if you like strawberry flavored Nesquik, than you would definitely like these. 

Nesquik Chocolate Cookies by Nesquik - These were good, a bit plain as I didn't notice much of the  "chocolatey" flavor just tasted like Nesquik. If you prefer a cookie with a subtle chocolate taste, than this is something you would enjoy. 

Organic Pasta Sauce by Animeals  - Recently, I been making a lot of Italian foods but I think I am going to keep this for a rainy day as I had my fill of pizza, parms, chicken and pasta lately. I do like the concept though, I notice certain pre-made pasta sauce are a bit acidic and sour tasting. I am hoping these would be good :)

Chocolate Chip Cathy by Cow Wow Now -  I thought the premise behind this was very interesting. The product is basically, the sugary milk that is left behind after eating sugary cereal. Why I thought it was a interesting idea, it lacked taste. It was very bland and didn't taste that good. It feels like it was just a glass of milk and someone threw in some cookies and shook it up and then bottle the concoction.  Overall, not a fan. I rather just have a glass of milk with some cookies instead or drink the milk from the cereal.

Cotton Candy by Dorval Trading - Huge disappointment these were! I love these candy straws and cotton candy. You would think adding to great things together would make something delicious, this turns out not to be the case. They were a disgusting tasting and I would rather the blue raspberry or cotton candy instead. 

Kettle Corn by Oogies - I have had better kettle corn but these were tasty. I did like how the bag was filled up all the way to the top. I managed to get 2 servings out of the one bag.

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