Thursday, April 19, 2018

Book Review - Bachelor Remedy by Carol Ross + Giveaway

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Ally Mowak is the most unconventional woman Tag James has ever met. She is a former army medic with a training and a belief in using alternative medicine when possible. Tag James is a handsome transport pilot who is running for Senator with big goals to protect his city. However, the duo has conflicting ideas about medicine and love. Will Ally and Tag be able to put their differences aside?

I enjoyed the fact that this book had a character of Native American descent. However, I found myself rolling my eyes towards the end of the book. At first, I enjoyed that Ally was a confident, independent, and ambitious woman but with a gentle heart but I felt like the story made it seem that she could do no wrong and that she was always right. For example, she was acting forward with Tag during a portion of the book but that was acceptable but her rude behavior was quickly dismissed. I also didn't enjoy the fact that Tag had an issue about her age and her alternative medicine. Their fights seemed petty and didn't make much sense to me. At the end, I didn't like that Tag basically said nothing matters more than being with Ally. She mattered more than his friends and family or his ambitions even though Ally had taken a back seat to his life before. I feel that when a person gives up their entire self and only devotes themselves to one person is setting themselves up for disaster; regardless of how romantic it may sound to have someone be completely devoted to you. I did enjoy Carol's writing style and look forward to reading other books by her.

**Disclosure - I received a free copy of this book in exchanged for an honest opinion**

Bachelor Remedy
(Seasons of Alaska #5)
by Carol Ross
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 384 pages
April 1st 2018 by Harlequin Superromance

She’s the most unconventional woman he’ll ever meet…

and the cure for a perennial bachelor?

Raised by her healer grandfather, former army medic Ally Mowak knows her alternative approach to traditional medicine puts her at odds with most of her Alaskan town. That includes Tag James, the rugged transport pilot with the sprawling family and political ambitions. Ally couldn’t be more wrong for the aspiring senator. Then why does everything feel so right when they’re together?


About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Carol Ross grew up in small town America right between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains, in a place where you can go deep sea fishing in the morning and then hit the ski slopes the same afternoon. The daughter of what is now known as free range parents, she developed a love of the outdoors at a very early age. As a writer, Carol loves to breathe the life she has lived into the characters she creates, grateful for the “research material” that every questionable decision, adrenaline-charged misstep, and near-death experience has provided.

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