Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Book Review - Exhibit Alexandra by Natasha Bell

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Alexandra Southwood has the ideal life, she is married to her devoted husband, Marc and they have two beautiful daughters together. However, all that changes when Alexandra is being held in a room against her will. She is forced to view her family's suffering over her disappearance and how her family is coping with their loss. She is shown press briefings of Marc's appeal to the public for information about his missing wife but she can only think about her courtship and their marriage.

Marc refuses to think that his wife is dead even when they come across her bloody belongings near the river. Marc is desperate to find out what happened to his wife and he takes matters into his own hands. As he begins his search, he starts to uncover secrets about his wife and is confronted with how little he knows about her. 

The thrilling novel was an interesting read and perfect for a rainy day.  I was expecting the story have the clique murder-kidnap plot, but then slowly it became clear what the secret is since the author littered the story with clues. The book is predominately narrated by Alexandra after the events have already taken place and while it was interesting, I found the book to be a bit slow in the beginning but it did pick up towards the middle.  I am iffy on whether or not I like this book mostly because this was the first book  I couldn't really relate to the main character nor did I really care about her. However, I do believe that this book will leave readers with a lot of questions about identity, art, family roles, and self-happiness.

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