Sunday, March 17, 2019

Book Review - Beast Rider by Tony Johnston and Marí de Rhoads

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 Manuel is just twelve years old when he leaves his small town in Mexico. He travels across the US border, on a train to join his older brother in Los Angeles. Becoming a "beast rider" is dangerous but, Manuel faces other perils even if he manages to survive the jump on the train. 

The first time he is on the train, he is robbed then beaten and arrested by the Mexican police. Manuel doesn't allow his first defeat to deter him. He is attacked by an infamous Mexican gang and they leave him for dead. When he was about to lose hope, the villagers help restore his spirits and health. He leaves again for his journey and finally arrives in LA to be with his brother. He is excited that he is back but, then realizes he feels something is missing.

I thought the novel was an interesting read. However, I have conflicting feelings about this novel. While I thought it was brave that  Manuel risked everything to be with his brother. But, when he finally is reunited to his brother, he realizes that isn't what the heart wants. It's an interesting premise about what the heart and the mind wants. Although, I feel like Manuel risked and lost a lot before he learned what he really wants. I personally hoped Manuel would have found out what defined him before he lost his innocence.

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