Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Book Review - The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Graves

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Annika Rose is an English major at the University of Illinois. She becomes anxious in social situations and she finds it hard to decipher people's behaviors. She finds comfort in books and playing chess.

When newcomer Jonathan Hoffman joins the chess club, he plays his first match against Annika. After he loses his first match, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful but, shy Annika. Jonathan admires that Annika is able to be true to herself. They are both drawn to each other as they balance each other out. Together, they embark in tender love affair when a tragic accident tears them apart causing them to live separate lives.

A decade has passed and Annika and Jonathan has a fate encounter in Chicago. Annika is living the life as she wanted as a librarian. Jonathan is a recovering from a divorce and is a financial expert. The attraction between the pair is still strong. Together, they decide to rekindle their relationship. However, they quickly realize that their fears, quirks, and anxieties that first drove them apart, is threatening their relationship once again. Will Annika and Jonathan be able to work through their differences.

I found myself torn between thinking this book was "meh" to "I liked it". At first, I didn't quite like Annika because I was reminded of some uneventful childhood experiences. But, after learning more about her, I was able to understand her better. I thought Jonathan loved Annika but, sometimes I feel like he "tolerating" or with her because of how pretty she was. I felt like there was a lot of focus on how beautiful she was or that her beauty was "wasted" because of how she was. I didn't like how people were sometimes unnecessarily cruel to Annika because she couldn't understand the world around her. I think the novel was a tad boring, I wish it had more going on.

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