Saturday, March 23, 2019

Book Review - Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center

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Cassie Hanwell strives under pressure, especially during emergencies. As she is one of the only female firefighters in her Texas firehouse, she has dealt with a fair share of them. She can handle other people's tragedies but, any of her own. When Cassie's ailing and estranged mother asks her to move to Boston to help take care of her, Cassie is suddenly thrown into an emergency of her own. 

Cassie finds a new job at an old-school Boston firehouse that is completely different from her old job. The new firehouse lacks proper facilities, equipment, funding, and the crew regularly hazes each other. None of the firemen on staff is happy that their captain hired a lady to be on their shift, even if Cassie comes highly recommended.  

The only person that doesn't mind having Cassie around is the handsome rookie, Owen. Cassie feels drawn to him but, she knows firemen can't date each other and she doesn't believe love is her thing.  However, the more Cassie learns about the rookie, the more she feels her resolve to stay away from him slipping away. Will Cassie open up herself to love even if it means losing the only job she ever loved?

I have read the author's other book, How to Walk Away and enjoyed it. I was excited to read this book as the previous novel was an emotionally captivating book. While, this book delivers a powerful message about forgiveness, love, courage, and vulnerability, I didn't find myself feeling much for the characters. I didn't feel invested in Cassie and had a hard time relating to her. I felt like the story was missing an emotional connection for me like the previous book had. It is a good book if you are a fan of the author but, to me it felt like a giant fluff piece.

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