Monday, March 25, 2019

Book Review - Crimson Lake (Crimson Lake, #1) by Candice Fox

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Ted Conkaffey was a prominent detective on the Sydney drug task force, a beloved husband and a soon to be a father. All it took was six minutes in the wrong place at the wrong time to ruin everything Ted holds dear to him.  Ted is accused but, not convicted of a brutal abduction of a young child. He is a free man but, he becomes public enemy number one when he is released. However, he staunchly maintains his innocence and goes up north to lie low.

Upon his arrival to Crimson Lake, Ted's lawyer introduces him to a private investigator Amanda Pharrell. Amanda is an eccentric convicted murderer. However, Ted has a hard time believing that Amanda is a cold-blooded killer. He agrees to help with her investigation of a missing author. While digging into the case, he secretly digs into Amanda's past.

I am torn after reading this book. After reading the positive reviews online and on the book cover, I was actually expecting a bit more from this book. I found Ted to be very "weak" of a character and relies on Amanda for support but, then he questions her innocence. Amanda's character seemed a bit weird that she is oddly outspoken but, refused to talk about her trial or defend herself. I felt if the story wasn't as slow, I would have enjoyed it better.

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