Saturday, March 9, 2019

Julep Nail Polish - Julianne

Ah, I am so sad that Julep is closing down their Maven program. I used to be a member for a few years and liked that they offer an affordable option to get two nail polish and a skincare/makeup item for around $25 a month. I liked that you were able to customize and skip a month. If I had known they were going to discontinue the program, I would have definitely stocked up during their sales. Although the store is still open, I feel like the inventory won't last or they won't add new products. Granted I feel $14 normal price is a bit expensive for this nail polish as it has less than a product than it's competitors. I am usually able to get three uses of two coats before the nail polish becomes goopy. And maybe another two uses before the bottle is done while other brands I get at least 10 or more uses. Well enough of my diatribe and on to my review!

The smokey grey creme nail polish goes on smoothly. However, it goes on a bit thick than other colors. One coat does give semi-full coverage with a few opaque spots but, two coats provide full coverage. However, any more than two coats cause the nail polish to become very thick and takes forever to dry. I consider this a neutral (compared to my bright neons and colorful glitter nail polishes) that perfect to wear for work.

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