Saturday, May 18, 2019

Book Review - Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson

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Christine wakes up every morning confused because she cannot remember who she is. She cannot remember how old she is, where she is or what happened to her the day before. She is unable to make new memories and relies on her husband, Ben to help fill in the blanks. Ben explains their life together on a daily basis. Ben tells Christine she lost her ability to form due to a traumatic accident.

Christine has a doctor she meets up with that is helping her regain her lost memories. She is keeping her visits with the doctor a secret from her husband. With the encouragement of her doctor, Christine decides to keep a journal to jot her thoughts and memories. However, one day she opens the journal to see "Don't trust Ben" on the front page. Her entire world is thrown into disarray. Who can Christine trust? Is Ben telling her the complete truth?

The novel was an interesting read once, it started picking up towards the end. The writing was very fluid and easy to read. However, it did take a bit of patience as the book was very repetitive in the beginning until Christine starts remembering more about her past life. There were a few aspects of the novel that made me wonder why didn't anyone follow up on anything. For example, her friend keeping in touch when Christine needed her the most. Even when Christine saw "Don't trust Ben", she never questioned or wondered why she wrote it. The ending had a few twists but, it felt rushed. Like everything was rushed to become to tie up perfectly in the end with one cliffhanger. Overall, it was suspenseful read but, it fell flat a few pages in.

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