Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Book Review - Theodore Boone: The Accomplice by John Grisham

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Woody Lambert is one of Theo's good friends. Theo has noticed Woody been acting differently lately. Woody has been making poor choices and is failing in school. However, when Woody and his brother is arrested for being an accomplice in armed robbery, Theo knows that Woody is innocent. With Woody sitting in jail surrounded by malice, Theo needs to race against the clock to help his friend. Will Theo be able to help his friend before it is too late?

I have not read a book by John Grisham recently but, I know he is a famed storyteller. I was very excited to read one of his books that is targetted to a younger audience (let's be honest, who has time to read a 500+ page novel some days). I thought that this book would have all the elements that John Grisham is known for such as intrigue, suspense, and thrills. However, I was quite disappointed as I didn't find this novel to be interesting and rather boring. The novel had a very basic premise of an impoverished person being chewed out by the justice system while the rich are given privileges. I felt that this book is geared towards parents who want to "teach the kids" about staying on the right side of the law than providing entertainment for young minds. I felt like some of the dialogue felt far fetched like the author was trying to talk like someone younger or a judge being "afraid" of a lawyer so he bends to the lawyer's wishes. Overall, it was a good read for teaching kids the value of going to school and working hard.

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