Sunday, May 5, 2019

Book Review - So Much the Better by Megan Means

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Ari is a lion cub that was separated from his pride after a terrible storm. He embarks on a journey to return to his homeland and be among his family. However, Ari must overcome a few challenges that are thrown his way.  After an exhausting journey to return back to his pride, Ari faces a new difficult situation and realizes his quest is far from being over.

The chapter book is a short read and perfect read for elementary age children. Each chapter Ari is faced with a new challenge. Personally, I would have liked the challenge to be more developed instead of being resolved so quickly. However, I understand children of a certain age might not have a long attention span. The book was a  very quick read that teaches many valuable lessons such as patience, honesty, empathy, and love.

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