Friday, May 10, 2019

Book Review - Last Day by Domenica Ruta

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Once a year on May 28, all of humanity gather to celebrate the day of the planet's demise. People party and act as it is the last day they are alive. Sarah is a bookish wunderkind who is looking for love. She felt that she has always been asexual but, she finds herself attracted to an older man, Kurt. Sarah and Kurt met last year during her parents' Last Day BBQ. Kurt is a tattoo artist who is trying to make amends to a family he destroyed years ago.

Karen consistently gets in trouble. She was abused at a young age and suffers from an eating disorder. After getting into trouble again, she decides to abandon her current life and search for her long lost adoptive brother. Her friend, Rosette left the Jehovah's Witness and follows a new pastor who has different opinions about the Last Day. Rosette tries to help Karen as she believes it will her atone for her past sins. When Karen calls Rosette for help, she takes Karen to the church in hopes that it will help her.

Three astronauts on the International Space Station are witnessing the Last Day spectacle in Space. Bear, an American astronaut along with Russian astronaut, Svec, and a Japanese space tourist, Yui contemplate their lives during the Last Day festivities.  Together they band together and share stories of their native customs for the Last Day.

At first, I thought this was going to be an interesting read. Then, I was quite confused by some of the behaviors of the characters especially when they tried changing their behaviors. After I read more about each character I understood their motives. The book depicts how one person's actions have an effect on other people lives. I found that to be an interesting concept that something trivial to you can mean the world to someone else. Overall, the book was thought-provoking but, I am not sure if it was my cup of tea.

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