Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Book Review - 'Round Midnight by Laura McBride


Twenty-one-year-old June Stein is bored of her safe world and decides to move from New Jersey to Las Vegas in the 1950s. In the span of 60 years, June tries to live her life as she pleases and she tries to push boundaries. She goes against the norm for what she believes in.

June's story intertwines with three strangers: a woman who was a mail-order bride from the Philippines, a young mother who is working as a hotel maid, and a high school music teacher. The three women are connected by a secret June has kept.

I wasn't a fan of this novel. I felt like the story had too many characters and it seemed pointless and jumbled together.  The story had tons of random details that sometimes made the story hard to follow.  I did like the premise of the story but, I felt like the execution wasn't great.

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